About Us

Welcome to Signatures Inspired by Africa - a brand influenced by the diverse African culture and it's minerals. Our roots are tied to the heart of Tanzania, home to the extravagant Mount Kilimanjaro and the vast plains of Serengeti. At Signatures Inspired by Africa, we’re driven to bring to you our lands richness in forms of jewellery and hand-made textiles.

What We Do

Signatures Inspired by Africa delivers unique handcrafted African Textile products and exquisite readymade and customized Tanzanite Jewellery - unique to Tanzania. We believe in exposing our country’s minerals in a form that enables us to give back to our community. We accomplish this by ensuring that every sale we make has an impact back at home.

Evolving the Tanzanite as the worlds next Signature Gemstone.

Signatures inspired by Africa is led by owner Sakina Adnan who formed the company with the aim of providing a touch of Tanzania’s minerals and hand-crafted African Textiles to the world. Sakina first fell in love with Tanzanite's at the age of 18 and has since made it her goal to spread her love for the precious gem. Her first Tanzanite was gifted to her by her parents as a wedding gift, she also opted for a custom designed Tanzanite wedding ring to set her apart from the usual diamond. Her passion and charisma compliment her devotion to showcase the true beauty of Africa.